Monday, May 30, 2011

Reiki Sparsh Tarang ....................Dr.Sweet angel

Dear friends
Hold the vision in your mind of what you are going to manifest in life. Make the picture as clear and real as possible for you, color, texture, feelings, scent really flesh it out. Next begin being grateful , as if you already possessed whatever it is you are attracting into the orbit of your life. Then stand out of your own way and allow the Universe to flow

  • DrSweet Angel truely said

  • Amit Sharma so true....good thought

  • Sandeep Raj nice people nice thinking............
    Your mind is like a garden. Tend it well by filling it with positive, encouraging and faith-building thoughts throughout the day.

      • Rohan Rajput oye hoye..........kya qoutation h....mza aa gya

      • Charles Kisilu Sweet building words from you Angel.Blessings always

      • Sweet Angel Thanks Charles. Like we have been learning... "Ripe what you sow..". So what we feed ourselves in the morning, we get it thourgh out the day.. ♥


  1. Of course we all have to deal with earthly matters, while we're in this life. But out beyond all of our head trips & beliefs is pure, luminous mind with no concepts. The nature of pure, raw awareness is tasteless, colorless, & void of any inherent concepts. Go for a ride inside & experience a feeling of just being luminous consciousness. Like a mirror your mind will reflect any ideas that you hold or create. Let go of ideas for a little, so you can actually experience the true nature of your very being. Then you will give so much more clarity to your seeing.
    Become your true essence.